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For the Youth

Lutheran Youth Organization (LYO)

Zion Lutheran Church is focused and dedicated to serving the youth in Clinton, Camanche, Fulton, and surrounding areas, and helping them along their faith journey. We understand that youth have many issues to deal with through out their Jr. and Sr. High years in school, and we strive to help them focus on how God is walking with them through their struggles. All of our Bible studies and activities are focused on what the youth are experiencing in their culture and how they can lean on God to guide them. Through our Bible studies, fellowship times, and outings, we are continually building a community where youth can come together and learn about their faith and what it means to be a disciple of Christ.


Confirmation is held on the first Wednesday evening of each month throughout the school year and includes youth in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.Confirmation is an educational opportunity that is part of the process of formation in faith for youth. The Confirmation classes offer a chance to look at scripture, doctrine, and practices of the church that are a part of the life of a Christian. Here at Zion, confirmation is offered in a three year curriculum starting in 6th grade. At the conclusion of the three years, the community celebrates a service of Affirmation of Baptism in which the 8th grade confirmation students stand before the congregation and publicly affirm the promises made at their baptism. 

What is taught at Confirmation?

There is a three-year rotation set up for confirmation, using the “Here We Stand” curriculum from Augsburg Fortress.

Year 1: Reformation History, Holy Communion, Holy Baptism

Year 2: Apostles Creed, Lord’s Prayer, 10 Commandments

Year 3: Bible – Old and New Testaments

What are the Hopes and Goals of Confirmation?

A. A basic understanding of the Bible which includes: 1) Looking at how scripture relates to assigned topics, 2) Exploring many stories throughout the Bible, and 3) Identifying main characters and their significance in our history of faith.

B. A basic understanding of the foundational teachings of the faith which includes 1) Identifying their scriptural basis and 2) Understanding how they apply specifically to the Lutheran Belief.

Sunday School      Sunday School Registration

  • 9:15-10:15am on Sundays (between worship services)
  • Held September through May
  • For children from age 3 through 5th grade

All of the classes use “SPLASH,” a curriculum written by Augsburg Fortress, and ELCA publication house.  SPLASH follows the scripture lessons that are used each week in worship, and also has a take home sheet with more opportunities for learning within the family. This way the Sunday school lesson, the worship service, and time at home can all be related.

Another component of Sunday school is “Together In Faith.”  This is a two week session for each class where we ask parents to attend with their child. These sessions pay special attention to Luther’s Small Catechism, the basics of our Lutheran Faith. Each year, the children and their parents will study a different component of the Catechism from the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostle’s Creed, the Ten Commandments, and others. This is a way for the church to help the parents fulfill their baptismal promises to help their child learn each of these. It is also a very good refresher course for the parents. These sessions will be scheduled during the first months of each year. Notification will be sent to those families involved in each Sunday School class, and the schedule will also be posted here.

We have three Family Festivals each year where we encourage parents and children to have a morning of activities and fun together. These festivals help us to start and end our year and also to celebrate the Advent season, when we are all preparing ourselves for the coming celebration of Christmas. Our first family festival is “Kids Against Hunger,” which is a project where we work together to package food packets that are then sent all around the world to help those people who don’t have enough to eat. It’s fun working elbow to elbow in order to put these packages together.

Vacation Bible School

  • Every Summer
  • For children from age 4 through 5th grade