Zion's Mission Statement:
In grateful response to God's generosity, we
and SERVE.
Welcoming all, we are a caring faith community, sharing the Gospel and building relationship in order to serve our neighbors everywhere.

Membership in a congregation is unlike membership in a club.  In a club, membership has privileges.  In a church, to be a “member” means, as St. Paul taught, to be a “member of the body of Christ.”  That is, we follow our Lord and serve him.  Belonging to a congregation gives us a place to meet Christ regularly in Word and Sacrament; it gives us a place to grow and deepen our faith. We welcome new members three to four times each year during our Saturday and Sunday worship services. Becoming a member of the body of Christ at Zion Lutheran can follow several paths:

Baptism - Children and adults who have never been baptized will receive membership to Zion Lutheran through the sacrament of baptism. Anyone who wishes to be baptized is encouraged to contact the church office to schedule a time.  You will also meet with Pastor Mark in advance to prepare for baptism.

New Member Classes - These sessions are held three to four times each year for those who would like to find out about becoming a member.  Dates and times are published in the church bulletin.  You can also call the church office for information. New members are welcomed during our Saturday and Sunday worship services.

Transferring Your Membership - If you are a member of another Lutheran congregation and would like to join Zion Lutheran, please call or email Amanda in the church office to schedule a time to meet with Pastor Mark.

  Zion Lutheran Church

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